Which way will this project go?

Our YaWK roadmap includes major updates, Doxygen code documentation migration, and Bootstrap 5.x CSS framework support. We're adding more templates, demo pages, assets, and social widgets. Check out the Milestones section for more. We're currently updating the official website, add a feature showcase, and a support page with a ticket system. An admin handbook will be added, as well as a developer manual, social media channels, and YouTube How-To videos. Scroll down to get an overview of upcoming and already achieved Milestones.

R O A D M A P  2023: currently in development

  • Installer / Improve Setup process 
  • Codebase update to ensure PHP 8 compatibility 
  • Migrate all code docs to doxygen because APIGEN is outdated 
  • Major Updates of all Assets and Social Widgets 
  • Update CSS Framework to completely support Bootstrap 4.x / 5.x 
  • and of course: check and fix language errors, major and minor bugs 


  • Update official website 
  • Add more templates and demo pages (scheduled until end of 2023) 
  • Add feature showcase 
  • Add support page (and ticket system) 
  • Add admin handbook (pdf and / or html) 
  • Add developer manual ( 
  • Add social media channels 
  • YouTube HowTo videos 

...and of course:

  • Completion of open milestones (see Open Milestones on Github)
  • Improvement of existing code, as well als fixing major issues (see Issues on Github)
  • Release of the first stable version (planned for 12/2023)

 Future Milestones - what's next?

  • Sitemap
    automatically generated
    (Probably 2nd Quarter 2023)

    Sitemap Generator scheduled until 06/2023

    Everytime you make changes to your structure, add or save a page, the sitemap will be updated. The Sitemap is an auto generated .xml file that helps search engines to read the structure of the website while they indexing your content. It will be accessable under This feature is planned to be released in the 2nd quarter 2023.

  • Color Manager
    Color Scheme Designer
    (Probably 4th Quarter 2023)

    Theme and Color Manager scheduled until 12/2023

    It is planned, that the Template Manager gets a Theme Designer. You choose a color, YaWK will calculate and suggest you a good sort of matching color shades, as well as fitting complementary colors. It will be possible to import the colors into your current template.

    A nice feature will be Photo Extraction: this will allow you to extract the most important colors from any uploaded picture. Imagine - you upload your logo and booom: your Website is skinned with the matching colors of your logo. This tool will make it easier to play around with the coloring of your website. This will be a fun, but efficient tool. It is currently planned that this will come in one of the next future releases.

  • Update Methods
    YaWK auto-update
    (Probably 4th Quarter 2023)

    Update Feature scheduled until 12/2023

    To make sure, your installation is up to date, a auto-update feature will be implemented. Right now it is still unclear, how this will be implemented. To achieve a stable, rock-solid update function, many decisions have to be made: Should the deployment and build process rely on an external service, or should we build our own update server infrastructure. This is a big topic, which will be worked out throughout this year.

 Achieved Milestones - these (and more) are "done"

  • Multilingual

    Multiple FrontEnd Languages done 06/2021

    Added Support for multilingual frontend pages. Pages can be tagged with a language. Those pages, that have a language assigned, will be physically stored in a subfolder equal to the language tag.

    To switch language, simply call ?language={tag, like en, it, de...}. A cookie stores the selected language. When drawing a page, cookie gets read out, and page will be loaded from corresponding language folder inside content/pages/.

    More Information: Visit Github [new tab]

  • Backup

    Backup Feature done 10/2018

    Admin/backup.php cover the functionality to backup and restore the website's data, including yawk's system settings, media folder, all pages and database data. Admin is able to configure the backup in any way, download a .zip file for personal offline archiving, or take a "snapshot" of your website's state and save it online in your archive. Backup Packages will be saved in a seperated backup folder. The restore function will allow to restore all website and configuration settings and data to the status of the desired package.

    More information: Visit Github [new tab]

  • Milestones
    on GitHub
    Take a look

    More Milestones on GitHub

    These are just a few selected examples. If you want to know more specific what has been done so far, you may check out the milestones on GitHub. Have a look to see which big goals are achieved so far.

    More information: Milestones on GitHub

 Beyond Horizon - future stretch goals

  • AI Help
    Chat GPT
    (API Feature)

    Artificial Intelligence probably soon

    A feature that not even think, but work for you? Imagine you could tell YaWK what you need, and the system will produce code snippets and html markup exactly tailored to your personal needs.

    Sometimes it is hard to keep focused on all the little things. On it's own, they do not seem so important. But if you count things together, accurateness will make the difference between a good and a better website. Some daily questions may be: Do all links have a title tag? Got every image an alt tag? Is your sitemap up to date? Are there any strange login tryouts? Do we need to reset statistics? When did you made your last backup? When did you added a new article at last? There is so much to keep in mind when building and operating a website.

    We could extend the article edit page, to get help from ChatGPT API. It must be decided, how to implement it so that everyone can use it, ideally without the need for the user to have an account at openAI. Depends on API Possibilities.

  • WebShop

    WebShop Feature stretch goal

    A web shop could be installed as plugin - built with no dependency, seamless integrated into the backend. As any other plugin, the shop would be configurable with a plugin setup page. You will be able to sell digital content or real goods.

    There will be a shopping cart where customers can put stuff into - just like you know the behaviour from any other commercial web shop software. The benefit would be, that you could do everything directly in your backend: customer emails, orders, product management, website content - all under one hood. Wouldn't be that good?

  • Calendar
    Appointment Manager
    (until 12/24)

    Dynamic Calendar stretch goal

    The Dynamic Calendar would be connected with your seamless webmail, as well as the webshop plugin. The Calendar Plugin is the place, where it all comes together. Your customer appointments would be stored in it, as well as the orders from your webshop.

    With the dynamic calendar plugin you could also do the planning for the release of your websites' articles and content pages. It could be combined with time-management and time-tracking for your employees. The possibilities of combined implementation are truely versatile and nearly endless.


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