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YaWK is the ultimate solution for creating and managing stunning websites with ease! With YaWK, you'll have ,, access to a wide range of features and functionalities that are designed to take your website to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, YaWK offers everything you need to create a professional and eye-catching website. So what are you waiting for? Experience the power of YaWK today and take your website to the next level!

 Core Features - feature overview

  • HTML Pages
    Edit and manage
    content easily

    Add Pages, Write articles and manage them

    With YaWK you can build beautiful, modern websites within a very short amount of time. From small blogs to big, customized enterprise solutions - everything is possible. YaWK supports you to achieve your goals. Widgets help to make pages interactive. You can embed content from social networks and much, much more. Take a coffee and at least 15 Minutes of time while you scroll down and learn how YaWK can help you solving daily challenges and be a stable partner you can rely on for any of your web development projects.

  • Scheduled
    Publish Pages
    with perfect timing

    Publish right on time scheduled content

    With YaWK's advanced publishing options, you can schedule content to go live at a specific date and time, down to the split of a second, or set an expiry date for temporary promotions. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose who sees your content with customizable visibility settings for public or restricted access.

  • Code Editor
    pro code editing

    Editor: Summernote & Codemirror professional control

    YaWK comes with a great editor to help you writing and modifying your code. We combine summernote with codemirror to give you a great editor experience. If you want to edit your pages as simple as possible, you can use the WYSIWYG Editor Mode. Perfect for Moderators, Writers, Journalists or Bloggers. Altough it is possible to use the WYSIWYG Mode, YaWK is intended for professional web developers who enjoy to have total control about their code, combined with the comfort and benefits of online development approach of web content management.

    If you are familiar with HTML Markup and Javascript coding, you will surely enjoy the code view. (Which is enabled on default). The Editor supports code highlighting, let you see where your elements start and end, show line numbers, support code completion and much more of the comfort features that you know from any typical desktop editor software.

  • AdminLTE
    The perfect
    backend tool

    Beautiful Backend to manage your project

    With YaWK's admin-friendly backend, managing your website's pages has never been easier. Adding, editing, or deleting pages is just a few clicks away, giving you complete control over your content. Any changes you make on a page are instantly reflected on your website. Plus, you can easily duplicate a page with a single click, saving you valuable time.

    You can also lock pages to protect them from being accidentally modified. YaWK's Admin LTE powered backend makes managing your pages a breeze, and with mobile responsiveness, you can even edit your pages on-the-go from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Manage Menus
    Add as many Menus
    and entries you want

    How the Menu System works short overview

    YaWK offers a versatile menu system that allows you to create unlimited menus with multiple entries. You can easily structure your content by creating submenus and positioning them wherever you want. There's even a global menu position for your main menu, and you can choose which menu to load there if you have more than one. You can assign FontAwesome Icons, sort and rename your menu entries and even create recursive structures.

 Template Engine - feature overview

  • Versatile Positions
    for every Layout
    and Design

    Responsive Layout easily customizable

    YaWK provides a powerful layout system based on the Bootstrap grid, featuring 26 clever layout positions that can be easily customized. With the Template Manager, you can create nearly any layout combination that you desire. You can turn positions on or off, adjust their size, background, shadow, alignment, and other properties to get the perfect layout. All changes are immediately visible in the frontend. While the Layout System is user-friendly, reading the manual and viewing examples will help you create your own templates with ease. If you prefer not to create your own, YaWK offers a variety of templates to choose from.

  • ReDesign Bootstrap
    change Design
    very easy

    Cutomize Bootstrap Look and create your very own design

    Customizing the look and feel of your website is easy with YaWK. With just a few clicks, you can change the most important Bootstrap settings without having to search and replace thousands of lines of CSS code. Whether you want to match your website with your corporate identity or simply want to give it a unique look, YaWK allows you to quickly and easily make changes to the design. Don't waste time sifting through code - let YaWK streamline your design process.

  • Custom Fonts
    use your own
    TrueType, Woff, OTF or Google Fonts

    Typography and Fonts supported: Google Fonts, .TTF, .OTF & WOFF

    Fonts are one of the key elements of your website's design. With YaWK, you have access to a wide range of font types to help you create the perfect look and feel for your site. You can use popular web fonts from Google, or even use your own custom fonts from your logo or Corporate Identity. YaWK supports TrueType (.ttf), OpenType (.otf), and even .woff font formats, which can be easily managed in the backend.

    You can customize font settings for every H1-H6 tag, as well as the global text, and easily adjust font parameters such as size, color, text shadow, link colors, and more using the Template Manager. With YaWK, your font choices are limitless, making it easy to create a website that truly reflects your brand identity.

  • Rocket Speed
    optimized Frontend
    due minified css

    Loading Time and performance

    With YaWK's Template Manager, you have access to nearly a thousand customizable settings that are stored in a MySQL Database. Each template has its own set of settings that are stored in the database, but there is no need to query the database every time a page is loaded. Instead, a CSS file is generated every time changes are made to a position or any other template setting. This file is then used by the frontend to interpret your design, significantly reducing the number of required database queries.

    To further optimize loading time and reduce network traffic, the generated CSS code is automatically minified. As a result, your website will load very quickly and provide a smooth user experience. You can edit, save download and upload templates.

  • Assets
    load external
    JS or CSS Libraries

    Asset System manage and load external libraries

    With YaWK's Asset System, adding and managing external Javascript or CSS libraries to your website has never been easier. Whether you need to load popular libraries like jQuery, FrontAwesome, or Bootstrap, or any other library available on the web, the Asset System has got you covered.

    In addition to managing assets on a global level, each template within YaWK has its own set of assets, allowing you to tailor your website's assets to fit your unique needs. The Asset System also allows you to configure asset settings, ensuring optimal performance, loading order and compatibility with your website's design.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adding and configuring assets to your website, and streamline the process with YaWK's Asset System.

 User Management - feature overview

  • Users
    keep an eye on
    guests and members

    User Management short overview

    YaWK's user management system offers a reliable solution for websites that require user management. You can easily add, manage, modify and delete users according to your preferences. With the SignUp Plugin, your website users can sign up as members and you can create user groups and define which users should be in each group. Users can also have a basic profile page where they can set their personal data such as resetting their password and changing their email address.

    You have the option to hide the user status so that some users or groups do not appear on the "who is online" list. In addition, YaWK offers basic social network features such as the ability for users to be friends or follow each other. You can easily manage all your users efficiently and clearly with the help of the backend.

 Plugins - extend your project

  • Plugins
    for your website

    Plugin Management extend your website

    Plugins are the backbone of YaWK's flexibility and versatility. They enable you to easily add new features and functionality to your website, and there are already a few powerful plugins available for you to use. From creating forms and galleries, or anything else - the possibilities to extend are endless. YaWK also supports custom plugins, so if there's a specific feature you need that isn't available yet, you can always develop your own plugin. And with YaWK's open architecture, it's relatively easy for developers to create and publish new plugins.

  • Blog
    Tell your story
    to the world

    Plugin: Blog build a blog and tell your story

    The Blog Plugin is a powerful tool to help you organize your content in a topic-related manner. Unlike static HTML pages, the Blog Plugin offers greater configurability, allowing you to set a layout that all articles will use. With YaWK, you can create multiple blogs, each with its own unique layout and settings. Additionally, you can enable comments on your blog articles, fostering engagement with your audience. If you have a story that you want to release in parts, the Blog Plugin is a perfect fit.

  • Booking
    Contact Form

    Plugin: Booking with a simple, but effective contact form

    Collecting user data is crucial for any business or organization. The Contact Form Plugin in YaWK allows you to easily create customized forms to collect user information such as email addresses and messages. You can even add a date selection option, making it perfect for appointment booking or event registration. The possibilities are endless, making this plugin an essential tool for any website. And with future updates, we'll continue to expand the capabilities of this powerful plugin.

  • FAQ
    Frequently Asked

    Plugin: FAQ Frequently asked questions

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are an essential part of any website or project. YaWK provides an easy-to-use plugin to help you answer the most common questions your visitors might have. By anticipating their needs, you can reduce the number of support requests and improve customer satisfaction. With the FAQs plugin, you can add an unlimited number of questions and answers, making it easy to cover all the relevant information. In future releases, this plugin will be enhanced to allow for categorization of questions, making it even easier for visitors to find the answers they need.

  • Gallery
    Image Quality

    Plugin: Photo Gallery mobile friendly

    With the Gallery Plugin, managing your image galleries has never been easier. Start by creating a new folder and uploading your images using the YaWK file manager. Once that's done, simply select the desired folder in the plugin and let it automatically resize your images to the desired size. The plugin offers a wide range of customization options, including the ability to add watermarks to every image. Whether you choose to add a custom watermark using any TrueType font you like, or use your own logo, the plugin makes it easy to place your watermark wherever you want it.

    With the Gallery Plugin, you no longer need to rely on external tools to modify your photos. The plugin offers a range of editing options such as adjusting brightness, adding filters like black and white or sepia, sharpening, blurring, adding or removing contrast, and much more. Best of all, you can make these modifications directly in the plugin, so you reduce the need of external tools. The Gallery Plugin is constantly evolving, so keep an eye out for new features and capabilities in future releases.

  • SignUp

    Plugin: SignUp and User Registration

    Creating a vibrant community is essential for any website, and the SignUp Plugin is here to help. With this plugin, users can easily register on your site and become a part of your community. The SignUp Plugin is fully customizable, allowing you to create a unique signup page that matches your site's design.

    You can specify which user groups are able to register, set mandatory fields, and add your own terms of use. With the ability to customize the submit button and display customized messages for each user group, the SignUp Plugin is a must-have for any YaWK website looking to build a strong and engaged community.

  • Userpage

    Plugin: Userpage Homebase for your users

    The User Profile Plugin lets you customize and manage the user profile page on your website. You can choose to display a user greeting and enable or disable various tabs such as home, user data, messaging, settings, personal statistics, and help. The plugin offers great flexibility and ease of use, making it easy to customize and manage your user profiles.

    Future releases will expand on this feature, offering even more options for personalization and customization.

  • SignUp

    Plugin: Event Simple Event / Date Table

    With the Tourdates plugin, you can easily list all your upcoming events in a sorted table on your website. Whether it's tour dates for your band, a list of courses or workshops, or any other type of event, this plugin has you covered. You can add the name of the event, the date it's happening, and even a link to its Facebook page. As with all our plugins, the Tourdates plugin will continue to be updated in future versions to add even more features and functionality.

 Widgets - small, but useful extensions

  • Widgets
    of useful tools

    Widget System extend your website

    YaWK's widget system allows you to easily add and customize smaller plugins to your website, which can be rendered in any template position you choose. Widgets can enhance the functionality of your plugins and add new features to your site. Whether you want to embed a YouTube video or display content from a social network, there are many widgets available for you to choose from. And, as we continue to develop more widgets, the possibilities for your website are endless. With built-in publishing and expiry dates, you can schedule your widgets to appear or disappear as needed. Check out the list below to see all of the currently available widgets.

  • Loginbox

    Widget: Loginbox can be rendered in any position

    The Login Widget is a must-have if you want to build a community on your website. With this widget, users can log in to your site and access exclusive content, features, and services. As with all widgets, you can place it in any position on any page of your site. This makes it easy to add a login form to your homepage, sidebar, or any other location you choose. Plus, you can customize the widget's appearance and behavior to match your site's design and user experience.

  • Facebook

    Widget: Facebook Feed embed fb page data with own design

    The Facebook Feed Widget allows you to seamlessly import data from your Facebook page onto your website, while keeping your own unique style. This powerful widget is designed to help you easily embed your Facebook feed anywhere on your site. Simply choose your desired position, add your Facebook page URL and API Key, and you're ready to go.

    If you have a well-driven Facebook page, the Facebook Feed Widget helps you to import and display data - and drasticly reduce the amount of website (content) maintainance. Perfect if your business rely on facebook.

  • Facebook

    Widget: Facebook Events embed Events on your page

    This plugin simplifies the process of displaying your Facebook events on your website with your own personalized design. All of the processing is done server-side, so users are not tracked by Facebook, and the source of the data remains hidden. It is ideal for showcasing upcoming concerts, shows, or other Facebook events.

    The widget is highly customizable, and once set up with your Facebook API Key from developers.facebook.com, it will automatically display your upcoming events on your website without any further effort from you. This saves you time and streamlines the process of keeping your website up-to-date with your latest events.

  • Facebook

    Widget: Facebook Video embed on your page

    Want to share a video from Facebook on your website? With YaWK, it's a breeze! Simply add the Facebook Video Widget to your desired page and position, enter the public video URL, and you're ready to share. This widget allows you to easily showcase your favorite videos to your website visitors, bringing your content to life with seamless integration.

  • Facebook

    Widget: Facebook Posting embed any single posting

    With the Facebook Post Widget, you can easily embed any public Facebook post onto your website. Simply enter the URL of the post you want to display and add the widget to the desired page and position. This widget makes it easy to share your Facebook content with your website visitors, whether it's a quote, photo, or status update. Give your visitors a glimpse into your social media world with the Facebook Post Widget.

  • Google Analytics

    Widget: Google Analytics implementing made easy

    If you want to keep track of your website's traffic and analyze user behavior, the Google Analytics Widget is the perfect tool for you. With this widget, you can easily add Google Analytics tracking code to your website without any hassle. Simply load the widget into any position on your website and enter the unique key you receive from Google Analytics when you add your website there.

    This widget makes it easy to keep track of important metrics like page views, bounce rate, and user demographics. With the data you collect, you can optimize your website and improve your users' experience. Plus, you don't need to worry about implementing the GA code yourself – YaWK takes care of it for you.

  • Custom HTML
    embed code

    Widget: Custom HTML embed a piece of code, anywhere

    Need to add a custom HTML snippet to a specific page or position on your website? Look no further than the HTML Widget. This versatile widget allows you to insert any HTML code into any page and position you desire, with ease. Simply add the widget, select the desired page and position, and paste your HTML code.

    It's the perfect solution for adding custom elements to your website without having to dive into complex code. The HTML Widget embeds codemirror, a professional source editor that gives you complete control over your code.


Widgets are some kind of smaller plugins. They are not as comprehensive as plugins, but they got the advantage to be rendered in any template position you like. Widgets can extend plugins. A Widget could be some sort of embedded content, like any YouTube video or content from any social network. There are many widgets developed yet, but we keep on developing more - there is no end in sight. It makes it easy, to embed content to nearly any place of your website. As Pages, widgets got a publishing and expiry date that you can set how you want to. Subsequent, here is a list of all currently implemented widgets.


Widget: Login Box that can be rendered in any position

If you build a community, you want your users to be able to login. This Widgets makes it possible! As every widget, this can be loaded into any page, in position you like.


Widget: Facebook Page embed any facebook page

What would the web be without social media? You can embed any facebook page you want. Just load this widget into any position, enter some parameters like the URL of your facebook page and you're done! It's never before been that easy to implement content from facebook.

Like Button

Widget: Facebook Like Button embed it anywhere on your page

If you want your users to be able to like your content, you can put a facebook button anywhere, on any page. You can edit all the parameters that facebook allows to change. It's very easy to implement on any template position.

Single Posting

Widget: Facebook Posting embed any single posting

This widget allows you, to embed any single facebook posting on your website. All you need is the URL of the posting. The only thing you need to take care of: the posting you wish to embed must be set to public for everyone. It's really easy to import any single posting from facebook with this widget.


Widget: Facebook Video embed any video from facebook

You saw a great video on facebook and want to share it on your website? No problem with YaWK! Just add this widget to the desired page and position, add the Facebook video URL (of course: video must be public!) and you're good to go.

Google Analytics
complete Statistics

Widget: Google Analytics implementing the easy way

Maybe you want to use Google Analytics on your website to gather statistics. With this widget, it is really easy to do it: just load it into any position you like (usually a position you don't use for content). All you need to enter is the key you get from Google Analytics when you add your website there. And you're done. YaWK is implementing the GA code for you.


Widget: Prezi embed presentations from prezi

With prezi, you can do some sort of very cool presentations. It's like a very modern version of powerpoint, but runs in your browser. Every presentation got a unique URL and can be shared over the web. It is free to use. With this widget, you can embed any prezi at any location of your website.

Custom HTML

Widget: Custom HTML if you need a codesnip anywhere

The perfect widget if you want to add any html codesnip on your page in any position. With this widget, you can do this. Just add the widget, set the page and the position where you like to appear it - add the html code and you're done. A very handy widget.

Twitch Streaming

Widget: Twitch embed any streaming channel

Twitch is a platform, where users can stream their screen. Most of the users are gamers, but there are a lot of other possibilities to use twitch. It's great for online courses or to stream workshops. With this widget you can add any twitch channel to your website. Adding a twitch stream to you page takes about 15 seconds. And you're done.


Widget: YouTube embed any video

Your website may be more attractive with videos on it. This is a perfect way, to embed any YouTube Video - the easy way! You can take any YouTube URL and paste it into this widget. There is no need, to copy/paste the YouTube embed code. YaWK will do this for you. Of course, you can set some settings for this widget, like the size of the video and more. The big benefit is, that you can take any YouTube URL and it will work (if the video is public).


Widget: Instagram embed any instagram posting

Instagram - the successful social network is based on pictures. You can embed any instagram posting at any page, at any position you like. Just add the widget and the URL of the posting you want to embed. Perfect for bloggers, because this is an easy and quick way to pimp any article.

Single Tweet

Widget: Twitter embed a single tweet from twitter

If you want to embed a single tweet from twitter, this is the right widget for. All you need to do is add this widget to any page and position. Afterwards you can enter the URL of the tweet you want to embed. Easy going.


Widget: Twitter Timeline embed a whole twitter timeline

Perfect if you want to show your latest x tweets from twitter. This widget allows you to stream any twitter profile's timeline. You can limit it to the latest number of tweets you want to display. The tweets will be shown as list, like they are postet on twitter. The upcoming twitter grid widget works similar.

Grid View

Widget: Twitter Grid embed a timeline as Grid

This works similar to the Twitter Timeline widget. But instead of drawing the data in a list, like it's been on twitter, this widget draws a grid view of your timeline. Along with the timeline plugin, you can limit the postings that will be shown. This is a graphical nice variant against the typical twitter timeline stream.

Drop a tweet

Widget: Twitter make tweets from your website

If you want to allow users to tweet directly from your website, this is the widget that will do it. You can configure the default text that should be drawn in the tweet. If you want to animate your users to tweet about your super cool website, this widget will do the job.


Widget: Pinterest embed any pinterest profile page

Pinterest is a social network about art, images and photography. This widget helps you to embed any public pinterest profile page you like. Just add the widget, set it's position, add the URL of the pinterest page you want to embed and you're good to go.

Single Pin

Widget: Pinterest embed a single pin from pinterest

Sometimes you don't want to embed a whole pinterest profile, instead a single pin is sometimes that what you need. With this widget, you can embed any single pins from anybody. As long as the pin is public, it will be able to get displayed on your website.

Follow Button

Widget: Pinterest follow me on pinterest button

Do you got a pinterest profile? Do you want to let your users know about it? With this widget you can embed a follow me on pinterest button. You can set different settings and styles as well. As every other widget, this can be displayed at any page, in any position you like.

for Audio

Widget: jPlayer Audio audio player with playlist feature

If you need to a music player with playlist feature on your website, this is the perfect widget for you. It works in every modern browser. The handling is quite easy: Upload your files, add the widget, select the folder where your files are - and that's all. If you upload files to this folder, the player will automatically add the files to the playlist. It works very well and plays .mp3, .wav and .ogg files. Perfect for band websites!

for Video

Widget: jPlayer Video Video Player with playlist feature

The brother of jPlayer Audio - jPlayer Video will play (surprise, surprise) video files. It got a playlist, if more than one video should be played. Furthermore you can set a poster image that will be shown as long as the video does not play. If you don't want to stream video content from youtube or any other video platform, this can be the tool of your choice.


Widget: AdBlock Blocker detect & react to browser AdBlock Plugins

If you got advertisment on your website, you may experience low advertising traffic due the fact that most users today are using some sort of adblock browser plugin. Good for the user, bad for the page owner. With this widget, you can detect and react, if user uses an AdBlocker. You can set different levels of strength. Maybe you want the user to inform, that it would be fair to disable the adblocker. Or you want to be very restrictive and don't allow to display the content, as long as the user do not disable his adblocker. The choice is yours.

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